Ave Maria

As a part of the “Happy Ending” expo I made this piece of art (poa) called Ave
Maria; ’cause isn’t religion also a resource used by man to try and achieve happiness?

Ave Maria is a collection of 16 pieces in which I chose women, from different ethnicities,
ages, body types and skin colors to represent Mary.

In this piece of art I chose to put the beauty and splendor of Mary straight in front of the
woman of today.

Think about it! The perfect body? A flawless nose? Spotless skin? The right eye color?
Where can you find a woman without wrinkles, scars or imperfections? Does such
woman really exist? Or is she perhaps nothing more than another fairy tale?

I often say, everyone deserves their very own statue. And I firmly believe in the
importance of each individual, especially in this case the woman.
Just like Mary, the mother of Jesus, every woman has the choice to give the world
something that is of great value.
Whether it is in their speech or deeds, each woman has the potential to behave in such a
way worthy of praise.

So, Hail Mary…blessed are you among women.

The Making Of

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