“It’s a Girl” by Francis Sling

Bodypaint artwork for Route du Nord 2012 

The man and woman came together in intimacy and the woman, thereafter, gave birth to a female fruit, possessing the most unique characteristics of both sexes. “It’s a girl!!!!!”, they shouted at the top of their voices, so to let everyone know the gender of their contentment. ‘It’s A Girl’ is a piece of art (poa) I made live at the Route du Nord in the weekend of June 22 until the 24th of this year. A piece of art that symbolizes, more than anything else, the unique and special aspect of each gender. Route du Nord is actually an art route. The public could visit 26 different locations in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) during this weekend and enjoy art at it’s best. Whether it was graphic arts, photography, design, architecture or fashion…the public could find it all. And this accessibility of art is exactly one a part of the ideology of the people behind the Route du Nord that I, as an artist, can identify myself with.They believe in the  idea that anyone should be able to enjoy a good artwork, without necessarily having to step into a gallery. Art can be explicitly amusing and accessible…And in some way this also explains a part of my personal motto. My artwork is intended to inspire people, and what better way is there to inspire them than to make it accessible for them?

I aim to make artwork that has so much to do with people, to the point that I incorporate the people themselves in the art. Besides ‘It’s A Girl’, I also rebuilt/ recreated ‘Ave Maria’ (previous blog post)at the Route du Nord. This was a public request. But it fitted perfectly in the theme, speaking of the woman. The main theme of the Route du Nord 2012 was ‘Gender’, hence the name of the main artwork I made at this event ‘It’s A Girl’. It’s that moment when the man gives a part of himself to the woman and the woman, in turn, takes this and put it together with a piece of herself. In due time they’ll give birth to a joy, a music, a piece of art, a beautiful child.

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