infected Swan

Swimming one bright afternoon on the clear waters of a lake, a white swan sat still enjoying as its impeccable reflection danced on the waters. “Oh, what a beautiful swan I am! Look at those radiant white feathers” he thought to himself. And this affirmation made him push his chest forth in pride. In awe of his own splendor the swan leaned a little closer to the water. And all he could utter was, “Wow!!!!”
Mesmerized he leaned a even closer in his adoration. Until, suddenly he emerged his head in the water. To his surprise, the waters completely washed away the fake white color from his feathers and revealed who he truly was. Revealed his true identity.

The name of this piece of art is ‘infected Swan’. And it is a piece I’ve made in support of an eye-opening musical by Stichting Exotic Pride. A modern musical with a deep historical flavor named ‘Bewogen Weerspiegeling’ (Moved Reflection).

The main message of this musical is the ever present story of the modern Dutch family where the old traces of a colonial past silently and unconsciously remain; hidden behind an imaginative perfection.

‘Infected Swan’ also shares the same viewpoint.  It’s especially supposed to depict the image of that individual who, in spite of being tinted by a colonial past, manages to mentally push this truth so far behind him that it appears as thou it never existed. And that same individual lives proudly in the façade of an image he thinks is the perfect one.

And I think the best characterization of this individual is with a swan; which is also a historic symbol to the Dutch nation.

At this very moment a fundraising is being held especially to be able to put this inspiring musical up.
We hope to be able to count on your support so to be able to play ‘Bewogen Weerspiegeling’ in the upcoming season 2013/2014.
You can donate starting as low as € 10,-.

So what are you waiting for? For more information on the musical and for your donation, visit….

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