infected Swan

Swimming one bright afternoon on the clear waters of a lake, a white swan sat still enjoying as its impeccable reflection danced on the waters. “Oh, what a beautiful swan I am! Look at those radiant white feathers” he thought to himself. And this affirmation made him push his chest forth in pride. In awe of his own splendor the swan leaned a little closer to the water. And all he could utter was, “Wow!!!!”
Mesmerized he leaned a even closer in his adoration. Until, suddenly he emerged his head in the water. To his surprise, the waters completely washed away the fake white color from his feathers and revealed who he truly was. Revealed his true identity.

The name of this piece of art is ‘infected Swan’. And it is a piece I’ve made in support of an eye-opening musical by Stichting Exotic Pride. A modern musical with a deep historical flavor named ‘Bewogen Weerspiegeling’ (Moved Reflection).

The main message of this musical is the ever present story of the modern Dutch family where the old traces of a colonial past silently and unconsciously remain; hidden behind an imaginative perfection.

‘Infected Swan’ also shares the same viewpoint.  It’s especially supposed to depict the image of that individual who, in spite of being tinted by a colonial past, manages to mentally push this truth so far behind him that it appears as thou it never existed. And that same individual lives proudly in the façade of an image he thinks is the perfect one.

And I think the best characterization of this individual is with a swan; which is also a historic symbol to the Dutch nation.

At this very moment a fundraising is being held especially to be able to put this inspiring musical up.
We hope to be able to count on your support so to be able to play ‘Bewogen Weerspiegeling’ in the upcoming season 2013/2014.
You can donate starting as low as € 10,-.

So what are you waiting for? For more information on the musical and for your donation, visit….

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Diry’s Journey

A piece of art on request in which every element is inspired by Diry’s (the model) worldview.

When you see yourself in a mirror, reality greets you with a twist of hope. Hope that whatever choices you shall make in the next seconds will improve your life even if it is in the simplest way. Many use a mirror to solve dilemmas or rate beauty,  however “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it within us or we will find it not.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Like Mister Twain and Miss Sontag would say; Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. I haven’t been everywhere yet…. but it’s on my list!
- Raydiry Carty -

Client Review:Leveling and working with Francis is challenging you to think, bigger, higher, and deeper. To seek for the real emotions behind the reasons, symbols and colors. To discover one self through the eyes of a real artist and realizing that we are all part of this mayor Piece of Art that is called universe… Delightful and limitless, a true blessing to work with!


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” Liberty ” artwork for Keti Koti festival 2012 ( Art in Public )

 A multitude of chickens, together in the yard of a big manor house;Chickens that were only intended to lay eggs for their masters; Chickens that could plainly be sold, or maybe even eaten; Chickens without any identity. Who would have ever thought there’d be one chicken who refused to take it any longer. This chicken simply knew he belonged up high instead of down below;Surely he never felt at home being a simple chicken of the manor. So fly away and determine your own route. Perhaps today there might be others, who just like you, have the courage to stand up against ever again being  enslaved. 

On July 1st I participated in the celebration of the Keti Koti Festival 2012. The Keti Koti is a festival that is celebrated yearly in the Netherlands and this year they chose to commemorate the abolition of slavery in the former Dutch colonies.

The festival took place in Oosterpark (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and everyone who attended could enjoy different food, presentations and a wide variety of art,among which I had the honor to exhibit my life piece of art (poa).

Other artists that also participated in the Keti Koti festival of this year were, Charles Corsen, Armando Baag, Cliff San A Jong, Ruben La Cruz, Panopticum, Remy Jungerman, Angels Entoundi Essamba, Charl Landvreugd and Marquez Malacia.

As the festival started and the public crowded Oosterpark, I got ready to start what was going to be another art in public. Model? check!, 4x4m backdrop painting? check,

an enthusiastic team of helpers? Check!, Mood? Definitely check! Slowly but steadily the people started surrounding as the end result took form with every stroke of the brush.

The main theme of the festival was to go beyond emancipation. And the central focus was on the abolition of slavery. I wanted people to think further than the simple emancipation of which we are told in history; those slaves who once lived and have already been abolished from slavery. I wanted to leave them behind with a deeper message to ponder on.

So for this occasion I made this piece of art named Liberty. With the main message to pursue true liberty in our ways of thinking, in our feelings and in our behaviour. ‘Cause aren’t we, in the end, still a slave to whatever dominates or deprives us?
And so my piece of art rather spoke of liberty to the slaves we might still be today, rather than speaking about the slave that once was.

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“It’s a Girl” by Francis Sling

Bodypaint artwork for Route du Nord 2012 

The man and woman came together in intimacy and the woman, thereafter, gave birth to a female fruit, possessing the most unique characteristics of both sexes. “It’s a girl!!!!!”, they shouted at the top of their voices, so to let everyone know the gender of their contentment. ‘It’s A Girl’ is a piece of art (poa) I made live at the Route du Nord in the weekend of June 22 until the 24th of this year. A piece of art that symbolizes, more than anything else, the unique and special aspect of each gender. Route du Nord is actually an art route. The public could visit 26 different locations in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) during this weekend and enjoy art at it’s best. Whether it was graphic arts, photography, design, architecture or fashion…the public could find it all. And this accessibility of art is exactly one a part of the ideology of the people behind the Route du Nord that I, as an artist, can identify myself with.They believe in the  idea that anyone should be able to enjoy a good artwork, without necessarily having to step into a gallery. Art can be explicitly amusing and accessible…And in some way this also explains a part of my personal motto. My artwork is intended to inspire people, and what better way is there to inspire them than to make it accessible for them?

I aim to make artwork that has so much to do with people, to the point that I incorporate the people themselves in the art. Besides ‘It’s A Girl’, I also rebuilt/ recreated ‘Ave Maria’ (previous blog post)at the Route du Nord. This was a public request. But it fitted perfectly in the theme, speaking of the woman. The main theme of the Route du Nord 2012 was ‘Gender’, hence the name of the main artwork I made at this event ‘It’s A Girl’. It’s that moment when the man gives a part of himself to the woman and the woman, in turn, takes this and put it together with a piece of herself. In due time they’ll give birth to a joy, a music, a piece of art, a beautiful child.

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Ave Maria

As a part of the “Happy Ending” expo I made this piece of art (poa) called Ave
Maria; ’cause isn’t religion also a resource used by man to try and achieve happiness?

Ave Maria is a collection of 16 pieces in which I chose women, from different ethnicities,
ages, body types and skin colors to represent Mary.

In this piece of art I chose to put the beauty and splendor of Mary straight in front of the
woman of today.

Think about it! The perfect body? A flawless nose? Spotless skin? The right eye color?
Where can you find a woman without wrinkles, scars or imperfections? Does such
woman really exist? Or is she perhaps nothing more than another fairy tale?

I often say, everyone deserves their very own statue. And I firmly believe in the
importance of each individual, especially in this case the woman.
Just like Mary, the mother of Jesus, every woman has the choice to give the world
something that is of great value.
Whether it is in their speech or deeds, each woman has the potential to behave in such a
way worthy of praise.

So, Hail Mary…blessed are you among women.

The Making Of

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